Audio Warrior Seeks His Nemeses on 17 Meters

W5TOM, shown here as his alter ego "Audio Warrior", QSOs with the audiophiles on 17 meters.  When SSB audio is in jeopardy, Audio Warrior comes to the rescue donning his trademark protective head gear and using his RatShack headphones and a carbon mic.  Armed with a pink slip (worn under his uniform), he never sleeps in his quest to rid the bands of his nemeses, Band Bandit and Frequency Freak.  In a recent interview with QST, he dramatically proclamed,"I make these selfless sacrifices for tomorrow's young Hams!"  When his job is done, and as he fades into the noise, he can be heard shouting,

"Go forth and chew rags without fear, because Audio Warrior is near!"  

73 and bless you Audio Warrior.