BioFeed System Increases Your Radiated Power

Dramatically increase your signal reports for only $39.95.  A one time pre-market offer.

Finally after three years an four months of research at W5TOM Laboratories Ltd. and antenna test ranges in New Mexico, the new, patented, power amplifying antenna feed system is perfected and ready for sale.  This unprecedented offering is being made to the Hams who have visited my web site. Fortunately, with propagation failing as this sun spot cycle wanes, this signal increaser is ready just in time.  

While researching and experimenting in preparation for my article on organic communication (see index item: Organic Communication), I discovered that plants not only communicate, but have amplifying capabilities as well.  The exact nature and function of electrons and subtleties of biological growth are, to this day, unknown.  The abilities of a brain to generate electrical charges, form connections, and send them down nerve fibers was a process that caught my attention.   Obviously a biological organism functions with the use of the same electrons we find in our radios.  This discovery was made with an experiment, similar to Franklin's kite experiment, made in 1924.  It involved a Ford ignition coil, a 1 inch brass rod, a jar of Vasiline, and a disgruntled postal worker and will be the topic of a future article.  

The challenge was to find the proper interface between the electrical and the biological.  You can easily demonstrate a simplified version of the interface used in the BioFeed system yourself.  Simply take two small nails, one in each hand, and insert them into any 115v outlet.  You will immediately notice how the ordinary AC line voltage quickly stimulates the electrons in your biological nerve fibers and then is transmitted to your brain.  Notice how the muscles in you arm react with greatly increased strength and power.  Try it again, really inpressive isn't it!  The same increase in power happens to your signal with BioFeed. When this simple interface concept is multiplied with many parallel connections to the biological medium, the power is increased in the same way that the voltage is increased in the high voltage power supply of a linear amplifier.  


Shown here is my 17 Mtr. vertical antenna with the BioFeed system installed.  Click the images for a closer look. The closeup shows the actual biocouple device responsible for the transfer of the energy from the biofeed line to the antenna.  Also notice the loading and bioimpedance matching network at the bottom of the mast. It is here that the signal is amplified biologically from the paltry 600 Watts leaving my shack to a cloud wrenching 6,000 BsWatts (Bio Strength Watts).  The FCC has not set a limit for biologically amplified power, and it appears at this writing that they won't.  Therefore I am making this offer:

The BioFeed System containing the following:

1ea. Lead lined packet of genetically altered, irradiated BioFeed seeds.

3ea. Canisters of patented BioFeed fertilizer.

1ea. 94 page BioFeed installation instruction book with science project ideas, and recipes for unused seeds. (also included is same on a CD, floppy disk, or  TRS-80 tape...please specify your choice).

All this for only $39.95 (price and items in the BioFeed system subject to change without notice).  The sale of irradiated seeds and strange substances in canisters is prohibited in the following states: ME, WY, OR, and MI.  

Send $39.95 (personal checks only) to: BioFeed, 59 Sayagin Dr., Bassboost, TX, 59104. and your BioFeed system will be shipped free of charge by RPS (Really Poor Service).  California residents will receive their delivery by some hippie on an expensive bicycle wearing a knapsack with a Gray Davis bumper sticker.