Now a spectrum analyzer tailored just for Hams

This is a "capture" JPEG produced by the program for use in E-mail or Web use.  It is about 15k in size and clearly shows the audio transmitted by the received station.

The HamAlyzer audio spectrum analyzer is configured for Ham audio evaluation.

Finally after much effort from W8YYY, KT4QW, W5TOM, and Chris Brown, we Hams have a fine spectrum analyzer program for our computers.  It favors our narrow band width.  It has a capture feature that saves the trace as a JPEG in the directory of your choice.  The trace can be easily attached to an E-mail, printed, or put on a Web site.  It is much better than any other program out there, no matter the cost.  Registration after the full featured, 10 day trial is $25.  This gets you a zipped copy by E-mail that has your call sign imbedded in the program (note my call at the top of the capture).  The registered version also has your call on the Windows title bar.  It is yours and can be copied, transferred or put on other computers with ease.  There are many other features that make the program easy for Hams to use.  Visit KT4QW's web site for further detail:  KT4QW

To get your free 10 day trial copy and more info, go to the HamAlyzer web site at: