Elecraft KX3 Paddle Adapter

An external base for this nifty little paddle

Here is the finished adapter base with the paddle mounted.

This little QRP paddle is too good to just use on the KX3 and requires the radio to be at an awkward angle if deployed normally, as seen below.


The paddle attaches to the new base the same way it attaches to the radio.


The finished base is made of 5 carefully hand formed pieces of brass.

I was not in a hurry. The work was done with hand tools and a drill press and took many hours over a couple of weeks.


Two parts are clamped together for perfect alignment of the holes.


All 5 finished parts are shown here with the male connector and the wire attached with CA glue.

The base is 2 pieces of 1/4 inch brass soldered together cut to 2x2 1/2 inches.  The top block is made of a piece of 3/4 in., a piece of 1/4 in., and a piece of 1/8 in. brass  The whole thing weighs 18oz. and is heavy for it's small size.  4/40 brass flathead screws were used.  The brass stock was purchased on eBay.

Back view of the finished adapter.

The back view shows the wire coming out of the mounting block.  If necessary, the adapter can be dissembled and the wire replaced.  This would be a welcomed addition to the KX3 line.  It could be made with a die cast upper and a steel base.  If it were made the way I made this one, they would have to sell it for 1,800 bucks