Letters from Visitors

Tom,  Thanks for the note.  Your Bio-Feed closely resembles my own experimentswith a GAP VI, as honeysuckle supported the antenna, even when my guy ropes failed.  It never worked as well after snipping the cimbing sinuous arms and leaves.  Had to let it regrow to obtain peak performance.-73-LB Cebik, W4RNL

Tom, took a quick look at your web site and liked your ability at empirical engineering very much!  Making things work with what you have at hand is right down my alley, since I do quite a bit of that myself.  I put your site in my favorites so I can come back and browse some more.  I found your electrical outlets used for antenna feeds quite interesting and tried to find something wrong with the idea but didn't come up with anything dangerous! However, when some of those Aussies come rolling in with 60/9 signals you might try plugging your coffee pot into the 17 M outlet? <smile>
 Will ask questions about your antenna's later, also I have always been interested in xtal set radio's and several years ago I designed a set driving a loud speaker when near a station that has a lot of power.
Take Care and keep inventing!  73
~Herk, W5NEP~ Athens, TX.


Tom, I briefly looked over your website and as a result, I have contacted a Doctor friend of mine who practices in the Houston area. He wants to see you first thing in the morning.  In the meantime, he suggests you get back on your medication immediately, taking a double dose every hour on the hour until your 9AM appointment in his office.  He wants you to bring Farley, Miss Puck and the DOG with you!  If you insist on bringing any firearms, please be sure they are unloaded and properly secured.


I just hope it isn't too late!



Tony, W4FOA

WONDERFUL STUFF, Tom !!!  What a great site !!   Biofeed is the answer !!!   All the best... 73,  Tom Perera - W1TP


Hi Tom, I just spent the last 45 mins laughing my head off. Your site should win some sort of award!  

73, Carrol,  AA2NN





73,  JOHN W0NWG 

this is the worst ham radio web site i have ever seen.  there is not a word of truth in anything you say.  the reckless abuse of animals and pornography is disgusting.  it is people like you that give our hobby and the internet a bad name.  may your soul rot in hell.... don  (no call sign given)

Your website is tame, ho  hum, bland, nowhere and nebish. A true free speech advocate would have something like an aborted fetus wrapped in the american flag with all the pages ripped out of the bible for kindling to set the whole thing ablaze. Don't forget to use lots of animated graphics. Don't quit your day job. At present the Simpsons are a lot more entertaining.   Eric N4WQB

Perverted though you are, I think it is great.  A good friend, K3MY responded to my forward of the site by asking "How does he have the energy to do this?"  I responded by saying that I thought you should be"W's" press spokesman, rather than the thick tounged whathisname commonly see on CNN.   George Sends.  NJ0F

WONDERFUL STUFF, Tom !!!   What a great site !!    Biofeed is the answer !!!   All the best... 73,   Tom Perera - W1TP

You are one wacky NUT.  I never laughed so hard in my life!  Don't ever stop.  Don,  K0LL  

Anyone that see's your web site without splitting a gut has to be a sourpus par excellence!   Tom,  you made my day-- Gary K0BAJ

I heard you talking with Edward and the boys tonight on 20 meters.  What a scream.  I laughed so hard the XYL locked the door to my shack (from the outside).  Loved your site,  although it may take some reasearch to properly appreciate.  KC0JRZ

Just a note to let YOU know that your web page is filled with humor and fun.  The Gun is the only thing that isn't loaded!  Keep up the pace, and vow to endeavor to persevere.  THAT was /is the worst audio trace that I have ever seen, a blast from the past-- looks like Porcina Sows from Hamburg, GDR.  YEECCCH!!!! You should have warned us . Yours in Disgust, See you on 17mtrs-- Bob N4MPM

Tnx for the note and the new ‘product’…happy that has been approved for 14.178!  Liz needs to get you a real job! Hi….73  BOB HEIL, K9EID

Very informative and, I am sure, politically correct. By the way, I am blowing the whistle on you to the SPCA for keeping one of Nature's little critters in bondage. They will fix your wagon when they find out that you run your wizzel on a treadmill to power your ham equipment, which is also emitting hazardous radiations, probably resulting in the sterilization of neighbors for blocks around.
73   Tom  W7EGN

Well, I can vouch for a giant, otherwise inexplicable increase in signal strength when you use your vertical with the biofeed.  It's somewhere on the order of 3 or 4 s-units over your loop, which I know should ordinarily demonstrate 11.752 db gain over the vertical at that height.  All else being equal, I can only attribute this phenomenon to your biofeed system.  Please feel free to use this endorsement in your advertising (in exchange for 10 percent of gross revenue from sales -- sendchecks to my qrz address). On another note, the remodelled web site looks great.  I checked out the animal photos -- did you shoot yourself in the hand?  Cheers,  Tom, KC5UN

You have finally flipped out !!!   I like it!  Sam,  KT4QW

I  double clicked on the Weasel and it Screeeeeeeeemed!!  When are you going to be posting more XXX???   Loved your Web page Thomas, it is Pure Outrage.....Love the gun and the Weasel shot and what is my report..... Let me know what the Mad Man in Texas is doing while out on bail.....Jon,  WA8QNJ 

 Is your e-business site up yet for the product? I think this is a gold mine. At the very least, I think QST needs to highlight this in their new product reviews....;).....Send it in - I think they will publish it.....73 de W5SWR Mark

Thanks for the QSO on 17-m, visited your web page, yes I do have a sense of humor, and yes I enjoyed your site...you HAVE to have a sense of humor, Hi. Please take time to visit my web page...73 de Bob WØZPE  


I just discovered you site.


You, sir are a terrible example to the wide eyed youth of today, but I am quite sure you don't feel even one pang of guilt.  Don't take a flu shot, stay off your meds and you will be be OK.


73,   KA5VMF  Gene.


I looked over your web site and viewed your you tube video.

You are a funny guy...we need more of your humor in the hobby.

BTW I have experienced the wrath of HOAs (they were better dressed) and that is  why I moved to where HOA has no meaning.

 The downside is there is no cable TV, conventional high speed internet and trick or treaters...wild animals roam at night.