The lighter Side of Morse Code

Fun with the original digital.


Samuel F.B. Morse, the man responsible for my affliction.

Not many Hams know this, the FB stands for "Fine Business".


This is not a attempt to get even with Mr. Morse, who was responsible for so much pain foisted on millions of Hams, but to have fun with his creation.  All you have to do is to search the Internet to see that there are hundreds of sites with information devoted to CW.  You quickly see that it is the subject of much love and devotion.  There is no other mode that has a fan club like Morse. Even though the FCC in it's infinite, bureaucratic, egalitarian, wisdom decided to eliminate it from their dumbed down license requirements, it seems to have developed a new following in the blogosphere and among the cell phone text messagers.  It even seems to have a resurgence among the some of the new Hams like KI6ESK, Curtis, 15yrs.old, who is going to learn and use CW on the HF bands with his Tech license instead of spending a Ham life on 2 meters like most.  

CW is an antique outmoded technology and should be relegated to the trash heap of  history and not used by sensible modern man. It deserves to be shunned just like wind powered boats and wooden shafts propelled by sticks bowed with sinew.  Since the invention of the automobile, the airplane, and the railroad, the horse should put out to pasture and never used again by right thinking humans interested in efficient transportation.  Well, I have made the case for "Recreational Communication", and that is just what CW is.  Like the previous examples, CW communication is lots of FUN and continues to advance with technology, becoming more amazing every day.  It may be antique, but not  dead by any means.

Just for starters, here are a couple of my favorite words in CW.  TUFT and TENNESSEE   Click the words to hear them in CW.  Now that's cool.  

Can you tell what "E HE EE" sounds like?    Break out your key and -.-.  

A gentleman Ham in Canada and a member of VA3RAC a radio club, created a number of midi files using his knowledge of music and CW to create "Morse Music ".  I would like to credit him, but I have lost track of him.  If you know him, please Email his name.  Here is another of his creations.  

You might have heard of the contest that Jay Leno arranged, on this show, between two Hams and two cell phone text messagers, to see which team could transfer a short message the fastest.  Well it was no contest.  Click here: Leno CW Test

Here is a wonderful creation of CW, video, and music dedicated to Beethoven.  It is very clever on an number of levels.  Just enjoy.     Beethoven CW Video


You would be lucky if you were BUGGED by AA5KV

I am sure that we all have heard Hams working CW with a Bug producing  awful code that you can't copy.  I used to think that the Bug was just a device used to drive me nuts when I called CQ.  I wondered just how they were ever in such wide use.  Once I even bought one and discovered that I couldn't send code with it as well as the ones I was hearing.  AA5KV, John Stewart, completely enlightened me when I had a long QSO with him on 40 meters.  His code was a very smooth 18 wpm with a musical personality.  I was amazed when he told me that it was a Bug.

I grabbed my little Sony voice recorder and captured a bit of it.  Here is the spectral display showing 2/3s of an O, an A, and an X from the word COAX.  Click the display to hear John's wonderful Bug fist.  Now you and I know it can be done.


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