W5TOM's HomeBrewed Mics


The SS1 (sugar shaker) mic is made from a stainless steel powdered sugar shaker purchased from WalMart.  It was cut down from it's 5 inch heigth to 2 inches.  The grill is cut from an old RatShack speaker.  The stirrup is made from 1 inch aluminum strap.


The SS2 has a little variation on the stirrup and connector treatment.  The grill is made from wire screen from an old fencing mask.  The soft rubber grommets provide shock isolation, as does the mounting device on the boom.


The SMC1 (Strainer Measuring Cup)


This shows the SMC1 mic guts.  The Reynolds Wrap diaphram is shown before manupulation.  The FET and it's output capacitor and load resistor are shown.  There is 6 ounces of lead for mass to make the shock mount effective.  Diaphrahm packing materials are also shown.


The world famous QST Tuna Can Charlie Mic is shown before final assembly.  The jar lid is from a cocktail onion jar.  Neumann eat your heart out!