All Band SGC Tuned Vertical




Well, I can't leave anything alone.  This is the latest iteration of the vertical.  The switched inductor has been replaced with an SGC-230 auto tuner.  The feed point has been moved down the pole to a convenient eye level.  This makes a kinda (technical term) twin lead, balanced feed line on higher frequencies and a longer element on the lower frequencies.  If you are a novice in antenna design, the first thing that comes into your mind is, "This guy is a genius, but if you are knowledgeable on the subject, "Damn, what an Idiot!" will be your response.  See, I have something for everybody here. Actually, I know more about the subject than is evident, it is just that my approach to antennas design is different than most.  I put up what I can get away with and then try to make it make sense...and work if possible. 

The diagram on the right along with the pix should make the design evident.  The white plastic cover allows shade and ventalation to keep the Texas sun from cooking the poor things little brain.  The tuner is powered by a bias "T" like the one on the loop, fed by the "Ts" in the wall outlets shown on the SGC Loop page.  I abandoned the previous switched inductor scheme because it only worked on 4 bands, and not the ones I really wanted.  This works on all bands from the bottom of 160 meters to the top of 10 meters with a 1.3 to 1 or better SWR.  It tunes in seconds or fractions of a second to any frequency; just say your call sign, and before you finish, it's tuned.  The reports I have been getting have been better than expected on all bands.  It is very, very successful.