Upgrading Your Primary Modulator

Realize an outstanding improvement in your transmitted audio for less than $5.00

 Hams are spending hundreds of dollars on microphones, EQs, mixers, and the like, and often neglecting the weakest link in the chain.  Ironically this link is the easiest one to improve. When it is overlooked, all the effort and money spent on the rest of the system is either wasted or not used to full value.  Some enthusiasts have even sold their tranceivers and purchased the newest radio that is supposed to make them sound better.  Often, because of failure to spend less than five bucks on the primary modulator, this expensive transceiver upgrade is waisted.  

 No matter what tranceiver you have in your shack, this upgrade can be made.  Click here for parts list and application instructions:  

Primary Modulator Upgrade